The terms iGaming and regular gaming are often taken to be synonymous with one another, but this just should not be the case. Both iGaming and gaming differ from one another quite substantially, and knowing the differences between the two is absolutely vital if you only want to stick to one side of the coin.

Moreover, the separations between iGaming and gaming can actually be pretty vast – you do not want to get these two mixed up. Let’s get right into the topic of today and take a look at the differences between iGaming and gaming. 

iGaming Involves Some Form Of Betting 

While the answer to “what is iGaming?” is going to differ depending on who you ask, the universally accepted definition is that of games that feature gambling mechanics. This encompasses a wide range of games, and to try and list them all in one single article would be fruitless.

However, perhaps the most popular example of an iGaming establishment would be an online casino. Online casinos fit into the iGaming category quite perfectly, and they are the most precise way to portray to someone what an iGaming establishment looks like. 

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While the games on online casinos vary quite drastically, almost all of them feature some form of betting, and this same concept can be applied to iGaming as a whole. iGaming is just a broad term that essentially indicates online gambling, and the number of shapes this can take is practically infinite. 

Regular Games Are Not Able to Implement Some Of The Mechanisms That Can Be Found On iGaming Sites 

If you have ever frequented any safe iGaming websites like AskGamblers before, then you may already be familiar with a few of the games these types of platfromshave to offer.

Many iGaming platforms feature games that utilise some sort of gambling mechanism in order to entice customers into playing more, and while this is a resounding positive for most players, it is incredibly unlikely that you are going to find similar mechanisms anywhere outside of the gambling industry. 

This was firmly cemented when loot boxes got banned from conventional games worldwide – from that day onwards, the chances of any developers trying to implement any mechanism that relies on chance and involves money dropped to zero. 

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This makes regular gaming and iGaming quite different. You simply cannot get the same experience through gaming as you can through iGaming, and if you are rather fond of gambling mechanics/systems, then regular gaming is not going to scratch your itch.

Traditional Gaming Experiences Are Usually Much Longer

Out of the many differences between iGaming and conventional gaming, there is perhaps one difference that is non-negotiable; game length. iGaming games are made to be time-efficient, being that you can complete several games within a limited time span.

Traditional games are the exact opposite of this. Regular games take the opposite approach and try to get you attached to the characters in a story that can last upwards of twenty hours plus, and this makes the experience between conventional games and iGaming games quite removed from one another. 

Of course, it is worth mentioning that there are some iGaming experiences out there that also put the focus on the story and characters, and we are certainly not saying that iGaming experiences cannot be story focused.

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However, even in cases akin to this, story-focused iGaming experiences are going to be much shorter than what you would experience with traditional games, and this is simply down to the fact that the iGaming industry creates games that can be the most profitable in the shortest amount of time.

We hope we have been able to give you a better idea as to the numerous differences between iGaming and regular gaming. Despite the similar names, the two differ from one another rather dramatically, and it goes without saying that not everyone who is a fan of one type of gaming is going to be a fan of the other. 

Different people are going to be better suited to different types of gaming, and if you happen to prefer one over the other, this is completely fine. You have complete freedom to spend your time how you wish, and if that means hitting the slots or playing the latest triple-A game, then this is completely fine. We wish you the best of luck, and we will see you next time.