cbd for migraine

CBD is a chemical named Cannabidiol found in the cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabidiol is a popular natural remedy for various ailments. It has medicinal properties derived from cannabis. It is a cannabinoid that accounts for 40% of the cannabis plant’s extract. CBD devoid of THC is a proactive component of Marijuana.

CBD is only found in the aerial parts of the plant, like stems, flowers, and leaves, which are above the soil. It cannot be traced from roots or seeds.

Various studies suggest that CBD cream UK and oil have properties to relieve pain and inflammation. It is also used to treat neurological pain and conditions like migraine. CBD oil is most often a mix of CBD extract and a carrier oil like medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil.

What Is CBD Tincture?

A CBD tincture is an alcohol-based extract. High-quality alcohol is used as a solvent to extract the natural compounds of the cannabis plant and is used in the finished product.

Research that suggests CBD Tincture can treat migraine

Though there is limited research on the use of CBD for treating migraine, various existing studies look at the combined use of CBD and THC. 

Most of the obstacles in such research owes to limited regulation and legalization of cannabis. Few laboratory studies suggest that CBD oil tincture reduces different forms of chronic pain, including migraine.

The American Migraine Foundation Report suggests that CBD oil is a promising treatment for migraine. Though no scientific evidence proves so, it can be attributed to the lack of formal research into CBD. The foundation thinks that CBD can be considered a topical option for treating joint and muscle pain associated with migraine. However, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not approved the use of CBD as a safe migraine treatment due to a lack of substantial research and evidence.

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A study in 2016 by Pharmacotherapy noted that the frequency of migraine was reduced from 10 per month to 4 per month in a group of people who used marijuana for medical purposes. Another research at the congress of the European Academy of Neurology in 2017 revealed that cannabinoids might help prevent and ease the pain of migraines.

How can CBD Tincture Ease Migraines?

CBD can ease pain as it affects specific receptors in the brain. CBD stimulates the bodily receptors to produce its cannabinoids, known as endocannabinoids. It impacts the brain as well as the nervous system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for keeping your body in balance by releasing cannabinoids. This system consists of two receptors, CB1 and CB2, with their functions. The CB1 receptor is responsible for activities that involve the nervous system. CB2 receptor also impacts the central nervous system but mainly works for minimizing inflammation in the body. CBD interacts equally with both receptors.

Medical research has linked CBD with treating symptoms like pain relief, easing nausea, reducing inflammation, and conclusive effects, effective in treating migraine.

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How to use CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oil can be tried in the form of edibles like truffles or gummies. Or can be smoked using a vaporizer with a cartridge containing CBD oil. They can be taken in capsule form, oral drops, or spray. It is used as an ingredient in foods and drinks.

It is suggested to start with the smallest dosage of CBD oil tincture if you are new to its use. You can gradually increase the intake with time so that your body gets used to the oil and reduces any risk of side effects.

Risks and Side Effects of CBD

Like all other therapies, CBD also comes with side effects. It may interact with other drugs and supplements and affect people’s bodies differently.

Some of the known side effects include damage to the liver, interaction with alcohol, changes in patterns of alertness, thereby increasing risks while driving or using machinery, gastrointestinal problems, change in mood and irritation, and reduced fertility in males.

It may be unsafe to take CBD if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. In interaction with other ingredients, CBD products may turn out to be harmful to the fetus or infant. It is advisable to refrain from CBD consumption under these two conditions.

Be careful if you are on medication that includes grapefruit as an ingredient. Grapefruit and CBD interact with enzymes like cytochromes that are significant for drug metabolism.

How to find High-Quality CBD Products?

1. The ingredients of the product are of vital importance. One needs to opt for natural ingredients and say no to artificial preservatives as they are harmful to health if used over a more extended period

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2. Consider the potency of the product as the effects depend on its strength. Varieties of brands come with different potency levels. You need to look for one that will best suit your body requirements

3. Do not compromise over quality. Look for special offers and user-friendly policies while buying CBD products.

4. Look for a suitable packaging that will keep the product fresh for a more extended period and retain its potency

5. For best results, try to look for products with a full or broad spectrum since they are less processed and preserve organic part which has a medicinal value of their own.

6. Ensure that whatever you are buying is Lab-tested. That helps you in verifying that the facts mentioned in the packaging are true

7. You should also decide which type of CBD product you want. They include full-spectrum products containing all other hemp plant components, including small amounts of THC and plant compounds, Broadspectrum, which is refined to remove Delta 9, and CBD isolate that contains only CBD.


Anyone with migraine should consult a doctor who can advise about specific approaches to practical ways of treatment which can definitely include CBD. It is also essential to talk to a doctor before starting CBD oil for treating migraines. CBD has characteristics of interacting with other drugs and supplements, making it vital to call for professional help.

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