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Only an animal lover and a pet owner understands the issues of an animal. And as these pets cannot talk to us, we often fail to solve their problems. Being a pet owner is a great feeling. But it comes with numerous challenges. Taking their care is similar to nurturing an infant. And, just like humans, our pets have feelings. They also feel the hormonal surge and backlash. They also get affected due to activities around them.

So, it becomes essential to understand our beagle. Today, we will discuss the factors that can disturb your pet. What can you do as a pet parent? And how do kratom and gold kratom help you? We will also discuss the possible side effects of the herb on its usage. 

Common behavioral issues Faced by Dogs 

Just like humans, animals also possess parental care. They also get affected by situations around them. This capability can lead to positive and negative phases in their life. Pet animals primarily inculcate such a tendency. 

In severe cases, they might need medications and expert help. The common issues seen in beagle dogs due to emotional trauma are: 

  • Anxiety disorders: A prolonged disturbance or fear can lead to the development of anxiety in dogs. The most common causes involve fear of separation, noise, and other social factors.  
  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): Mostly, hyperactive beagles puppies turn out as ADHD-affected ones. The issue gets realized in the later stage of their lives as adults. It does not mean that every active beagle is affected by ADHD or hyperkinetic. 
  • Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome: This issue is similar to Alzheimer’s or Dementia. The syndrome usually affects adult dogs. 
  • Phobias: It is a fear of anything. Animals can develop a fear of any sound, sign, place, or smell.  
  • PTSD: It is a fear of any event. It could be a result of an accident, assault, disaster, or any other mishap.  
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One should pay attention to situations around their pets to keep them safe from any mental issues. 

Kratom as a Treatment 

Sometimes the pet owners notice an early change in their pet’s behavior. Exercise, training, and medications can help treat early symptoms. But it is not always possible to interpret the alteration when it happens. So, what can we do after it turns severe? Can kratom help us out? Let us see how fair mitragyna acts as a treatment for behavioral changes in dogs. 

The best solution available to a medical complication is consulting a doctor. When your pet feels pain in his gut or joints, you might rush to a veterinarian. But have you ever thought of the safety of drugs available for your dog? Most non-steroid meds can have side effects. They can lead to vomiting, upset tummy, loss of appetite, etc. What if we say mitragyna has minimum side effects as an analgesic for a dog? Several studies have presented the same result. In the initial stages, we did this study on rodents. It gave birth to several informal tests on the effect of kratom on pets. The positive test results gave them a hope of similar output on pets. 

Years ago, an experiment was conducted through a Facebook group. The group had 66 pet owners trying the herb on their pets. Out of them, 62 owners reported visible results in a few days. These informal studies led the experts to conduct a full-fledged test on beagles. In the first-ever test, the dosage of mitragynine was as per the wish of the beagle’s parents as the experts had no idea about pharmacokinetic action on dogs. The scenario changed in early 2020. The effect of mitragynine, the prime compound of kratom, was studied on female beagle dogs. The first peak of plasma concentration reached within 30 minutes of consumption. Their body hit a maximum concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine one to two hours from the first peak. It shows that their body was able to break down mitragynine. 

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Later, there was a fall in plasma concentration. It went below the quantification level. In simple words, the concentration reached below the required level for the study. Though the study failed, it concluded that kratom intake is safe for beagles. A study done by NCBI of India shows the herb is safe for pharmacokinetic effects on dogs. This recent study opens doors for the usage of kratom gold for pets. 

Best Kratom Strains for Beagles  

Kratom or mitrgyna speciosa can treat physical and mental ailments in animals. It can treat the following issues: 

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Painful injuries 
  • Insomnia 
  • Pain due to surgeries 

But do you know there are numerous strains of kratom? And do you know that different strains possess different specialties? 

There are primarily three vein colors of the herb, namely: 

  • Red: It is the mature stage of the herb. It contains the highest amount of alkaloids. It makes red vein kratom the most potent strain. 
  • Green: Kratom attains green stem color in the second stage. Its potency is lower than the red veins. It is best as an energy booster and stress relief agent. 
  • White: White is the earliest stage of kratom. It is a perfect strain for beginners. 
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The herb is differentiated based on geography as well. Do you know which strain is suitable for your pet? 

Do not worry! We have a list of top kratom strains for pets. 

  • Maeng da kratom: It comes from native Indonesian red vein kratom. The pets experiencing low energy levels and pain can use this strain.  
  • Green Malay kratom: It is a native of Malaysian forests. It contains a high amount of alkaloids. That makes it suitable for fighting chronic pain and insomnia in beagle dogs. 
  • Red indo Kratom: It is a sedative due to the presence of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. It is suitable for pets dealing with surgical pain. 
  • Gold Bali kratom: A native of Bali that is an incredible mood booster. The gold kratom can also relieve pain and offer relaxation. 
  • Sunda kratom: This strain comes from Sunda island. According to the reviews of several pet owners, it has brought their dogs back to life. 

You can start with 1-2 grams of kratom initially. Increase or alter the dosage only on the suggestion of a veterinarian.  

Final words

It is our utmost duty to care for our four-legged friends. The inability to converse with humans should not let a pet feel alone. Their pain should be well-cared and treated. And make them feel better. With kratom, you can take a step towards better care. You can try gold kratom strains for depression for the best results. 

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