Employment Screening Program

Since employees are being brought into organizations from various locations, both near and far, background verification becomes even more crucial in the selection process. This blog post discusses a few useful employee background verification tips to help you make optimal recruitment decisions.

Tip #1 Resume Checking

A background check starts with the resume which contains all the essential details to help you start the investigation smoothly. Think of it as a summarised profile of the candidate which you can investigate part-by-part — often, it’s the resume that will let you know if a candidate is really who they claim to be.

As a recruiter, you can investigate the resume and verify multiple claims the candidate makes about his or her educational background, skill sets and work history. If you don’t have the necessary means to validate their resume details, which is often the case, you should reach out to a background check provider.

They possess the connections, tools, and personnel to vet candidate resume’s and other details which you think should also be corroborated, such as medical history, criminal records etc., in the least amount of time possible.

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Tip #2 Leverage Video Interviews

Everybody is accustomed to video calls today. Studies suggest that about 82% of recruiters conduct regular video interviews to determine the veracity of information contained in candidates’ resumes. 

Its a nifty channel for communication, one that is convenient for both the recruiter and the candidate. From a recruiter’s POV, video interviews cut down on the time spent on assessing the candidate. 

A recruiter, during the course of the video interview, will know exactly whether the candidate is a right fit for the organisation. In doing so, they can accept and/or reject the candidate and move on to other tasks without wasting any more time.

Candidates too, who are applying for a vacancy from a different location, don’t have to travel to the orgsanisation HQ for the interview.

Background verification through video interviews can only be effective as long as you’re asking the right questions, such as their past experiences, projects they’ve worked on, and specific skills they have acquired.

Yes, help from a background screening company will be needed to validate a candidate’s credentials. But you can at least know, on a personal level, whether they’re right before you even pass on their data to a BGV partner.

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Tip #3 Skills Testing

Written tests such as rapid-fire questions, writing evaluation on video (making candidates give a written test on camera), or MCQ testing can be excellent ways through which you can assess a candidate’s skills, abilities, personality, and intelligence.

You can also gauge candidates’ through on-the-spot demonstrations of their skills; for instance, making a marketing professional pitch their customer acquisition strategy or an accounting explaining the basic concepts of finance and accounting. 

You could also set up a group discussion through which you can assess their leadership qualities, including verbal, critical thinking, and analytical abilities. 

If you do want to take this route, it’s best to check the results of their performance on the skills tests and cross-check them against the achievements listed in their resumes.

Tip #4 Conduct Thorough Online Checks

You can effectively perform background verification by tracing the professional presence of the candidate on platforms such as LinkedIn and social media forums like Twitter and Facebook. 

Do they have online work portfolios that they haven’t mentioned or reviews from previous clients and employers? Don’t wait around to ask, get on the platforms, and start digging. Such investigations might seem like an invasion of privacy, but it’s often on platforms Facebook and Instagram where they show their true colours. 

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You can use this background screening trick to understand the candidate’s capabilities and personality, and if they’re a correct fit for your organisation.

Tip #5 Verification against Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

As a recruiter, you need to ensure that prospective employees fulfil the SOP criteria irrespective of where you are hiring. Conducting mock tests can help you make this type of assessment. 

Through a background screening process, former employers can also inform you of the concealed skills and capabilities of the candidate. This can help you to create a unique role for the incoming candidate, or place them in a suitable position that helps your business grow.

Final Thoughts

The biggest nightmare you can have as a recruiter is accepting candidates who have lied on their resumes and provided fake credentials, skills, and experiences that are non-existent. But you still need to hire without making any hiring blunders, which is why you shouldn’t ignore verification of employees through background check companies.