stefan kiessling

Stefan Kiessling has never been an outstanding striker. He was a fairly stable and high-quality forward, but rarely showed bright individual performances. However, there were some absolutely fantastic games and even seasons in his career. By the way, you can always find soccer scores on the sports statistics website.

As for the best season of Kiessling’s career, it certainly was in 2012/13. In that campaign, the forward scored 25 accurate goals. He got off to a good start to the season, scoring in the two opening matches and never slowing down. Kiessling hit the rivals’ goal during almost every game. It was this stability that ultimately helped him become the top scorer of the tournament. He even managed to get one goal ahead of Lewandowski, who was then still playing for Borussia. The rest of the competitors lagged behind this duo.

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The truth is, Bayer still couldn’t catch on to something serious. Thanks to Kiessling’s goals, the team finished in the 3rd position. By the way, you can find the scores of all soccer matches of this team on the proven platform.

Remember that at that time Bayer managed to break into the Champions League largely thanks to the goals of its leader. At the end of the season, the club lost only to Bayern and Borussia.

What helped Kissling set this record?

Although Kiessling was a good striker, before that he crossed the mark of 20 goals scored per season only once. That time he scored 25 goals. As a result, his club finished high in the Bundesliga tables. As for the factors that helped the striker have the best season of his career, among the most obvious of them are:

  • Help from partners. That season was almost the best in the careers of many players, such as Shyurrle, Castro. Kiessling often converted their passes into effective goals.
  • Not a bad ability to play on the second floor. The forward is tall enough, so he always opposed his rivals. Many goals were scored by him after successful passes.
  • Starting speed. This is an especially important quality given the fact that Bayer was often counter-attacking at the time.
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Also, as mentioned earlier, Kiessling was incredibly stable. In this regard, he stood out favourably against the background of competitors. That is why the striker had the best season of his career, and his club was so high in the table of the German Bundesliga.

Unfortunately, after that campaign, Kiessling’s performance began to decline fairly quickly. The forward ended his career at 34. The last season was a failure, because he never managed to hit the gates of Bayer’s rivals.