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Is Angie King dating someone?

Angie King, Jo Koy’s ex-wife, is a Filipino-American artist and singer. Her stage name “Nura Luca” is her most well-known. She met Jo in the early days of his career and married him soon after. 

According to reports, the couple supported each other through the highs and lows of their lives. In 2003, they welcomed their son, Joseph J. Herbert Jr. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out, and they divorced in 2013.

Angie King: Early Life and Childhood: 

Angie King was born on May 28, 1979, to an American father, David A King, and a Filipino mother, Tessie King. Her father is of English descent, but her mother is an Ilocano from the Philippines. 

King was raised as a Catholic by her mother and father in the state of California. She did, however, live in Saudi Arabia before settling in California.

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Moreover, Angie’s mother had instilled in her children their Filipino heritage since their childhood. This aided Angie in bonding with her Filipino heritage, which she proudly displays. 

In terms of her parents, her father, David, died in the year 2018. He and his wife Tessie had been married for 40 years before his tragic death. Her father served in the United States Navy near the end of World War II.

Angie King became famous because of her relationship with Jo Koy:

Jo Koy’s family has been a source of speculation ever since he entered the comedy scene. Why shouldn’t it? After all, the majority of his jokes are about them, particularly his childhood and mother. 

There isn’t much information available about Angie and Jo’s relationship. 

So far, we know that they dated and married sometime in the early 2000s. In 2013,  they divorced. 

Both of them have yet to marry anyone else since their divorce.

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The couple had one child.

Boy named Joseph J Herbert Jr., as a result of their relationship. He was born in California on April 21, 2003. In 2017, he graduated as a sophomore from St Mel School in Woodlands, California. 

Following his parents’ divorce, they decided to share joint custody of their son. Up to this point, the ex-lovers have done an excellent job of co-parenting their sons. 

They never made him feel estranged or less loved, which is common in children of divorced parents.

Furthermore, Joseph has a strong bond with both of his parents. We could say he is the glue that holds them both together.

Is Angie in a relationship or married? 

Angie has been dating Gino Perez for the past few years. Her boyfriend is a designer and artist based in Los Angeles.

The best part is that Gino and Angie’s ex, Jo, are good friends. They both hold mutual respect for one another. 

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Angie and Gino are not only romantic partners but also business partners. They co-own a clothing line called Mexican UFO.

Facts about Angie King:

  • Angie King was born in 1980. She is many things, one of which is a singer. 
  • She is also a business owner and also a fashion designer.
  • Despite their divorce, King and Koy have remained close friends. They both adore their son and put forth considerable effort in co-parenting. 
  • They appear to understand the importance of having both parents in their son’s life and maintain an open-door policy regarding their time with him.
  • King recently promoted Jo Koy’s upcoming Netflix comedy special, Comin’ In Hot, on her Instagram account. 
  • She openly supports his stand-up career, as any good friend should. If only all divorced parents could learn from their mistakes! 
  • Gino Perez, King’s boyfriend, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 
  • Perez, his boyfriend, is a painter and artist from Los Angeles who had a show at the California Heritage Museum in 2019.