Sports Betting

Sports have always been an event that draws out emotions from people, either positively or negatively. Canadians live and breathe their sports, from hockey to football and soccer. Furthermore, they are very passionate about their team and are interested in their happenings on and off the pitch. 

Consequently, many have turned to the various means of sports betting, which are now rampant in the Canadian entertainment industry. Betting is now a crucial part of the Canadian sports system, with different companies having stakes in various teams. 

Nevertheless, most of these newly operated bookmakers are cryptocurrency based. Bookies like LTC sports betting sites are now the order of the day in Canadian sports betting. These digital currency-operated platforms are easy to use, and they outperform their fiat currency counterparts in every way.

Litecoin (LTC), like all cryptocurrencies, is multi-purposed. It can be sent, received, or used for trading. Moreover, their stance as one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies operating in Canada has made LTC sports betting sites all that famous. Therefore, in this article, we will give an in-depth analysis of everything Canadian bettors stand to gain from wagering on LTC sports betting sites. 

A Brief History Of LTC As A Means Of Sports Betting

Digital currencies have been contributing massively to the growing popularity of sports betting. Of course, Bitcoin has been drawing bettors’ attention for a long while, with it being the number one cryptocurrency. However, lately, other new coins have piqued the interest of crypto enthusiasts. These multiple cryptocurrency options have increased punters’ thirst for joining the crypto sports betting scene. 

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Litecoin (LTC) is similar to Bitcoin; many of Litecoin’s main features come from Bitcoin. However, one key trait of the LTC currency is its speed. The time Litecoin takes to process transactions is significantly faster than many coins on the market. Furthermore, its history in sports betting is not as set in stone as that of Bitcoin or fiat currency. 

The number of LTC sports betting sites in the Canadian betting industry is not as small, given its low demand over the years. Nevertheless, their low numbers have not been significant due to the quality they provide on their sites. 

What Canadian Bettors Can Enjoy From Betting On LTC Sports Betting Sites

Betting can be fun, especially when you are winning, but if your losses are more than your winnings, it takes away the joy of betting. Many bettors might be unaware that their losses may be down to the operations of these bookmakers. 

To have a good overall experience, the choice of bookie is critical; they should be able to provide features that make betting enjoyable. Therefore, below are a few reasons Canadian bettors enjoy wagering on LTC sports betting sites.

● The Safety of their Funds is Guaranteed. 

Bettors worrying about the safety of their profits while betting is a recipe for disaster. As a bettor, a comfortable environment increases the likelihood of you making winnings. Consequently, with hackers now switching their interests to such platforms, bettors have great fear. 

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However, with LTC sports betting sites, punters’ faith in these bookmakers is rewarded with a well-encrypted betting platform. Furthermore, bettors’ funds are available as the LTC currency, which is not easily accessible or monitored like that of fiat currency. 

● Futuristic Designs and an Excellent Betting Experience 

LTC sports betting sites have an appealing aspect to their designs and graphics. Their platforms are much better than the fiat currency bookies in operation. Their interface is easy to navigate, and they employ the latest upgrades in website development. 

Furthermore, the graphics have a cooling effect on the eye, leading to an excellent experience. Also, an exemplary user interface increases productivity by reducing bettors’ time searching for a particular market option. Additionally, it gives a certain degree of satisfaction which makes betting enjoyable and builds trust between the bettor and the bookmaker.

● Quick Payment and Transactions 

It is no hidden fact that payments done with Litecoin are lightning quick. Since it is a decentralized currency, it processes transactions in blocks. It takes Litecoin approximately 2.5 minutes to create a new block on its network compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. Therefore, the transaction time for payments on LTC sports betting sites is significantly quicker than that of Bitcoins or traditional currency. 

Furthermore, slow deposits and withdrawals are a thing of the past when making payments with Litecoin. Also, when making huge transactions, no confirmation is needed from any central authority, removing any delay.

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● Betting on a Bookie with a Quality Gaming License 

There are various degrees of licensing in the industry, and each has its level of benefits it can provide. For example, some sites operate with their local license, while others go for the international licensing group. A betting license’s primary purpose is to overview a bookmaker’s operations. 

Therefore, their main goal is to checkmate their operations and make sure bettors get their full benefits. Furthermore, the most used locally operated license in Canada is that of the Kahnawake gaming commission. However, LTC sports betting sites also work with international licenses like the Curacao gaming license or the United Kingdom gambling authority license. 

● Dedicated Customer Care Representatives 

Gamblers who use LTC sports betting sites face no issues communicating with their customer care. Their representatives are always on call and on hand to assist bettors. In addition, the presence of 24/7 live chat customer support enables customers to access the representatives easily. 

What Significant Events Do I Have Access To On LTC Sports Betting Sites?

Sports betting in Canada is ruled by four significant events: hockey, football, soccer, and basketball. Canadians are passionate about their hockey, whether ice hockey or field hockey. LTC sports betting sites offer numerous hockey competitions from the NHL to the CHL. Hockey fans can apply strategies like the Moneyline or parlay when placing bets.

Basketball competitions range from the NBA to the WNBA and other European leagues. While for soccer, the EPL and MLS are the most demanded among Canadian bettors. Lastly, other top sporting events like tennis, rugby, boxing, and even golf are available for bettors.