In this dynamic world, with the ever-changing demands of customers or end-users, enterprises have changed the way they function. It is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to the changes, and make their businesses thrive, instead of falling down. It is here that Business Analysts come into action. Business Analysts are the ones who help businesses in achieving the goals of their growth. 

This is why some of the big names such as Google, JP Morgan Chase, Amazon, Microsoft are looking for certified, trained, and skilled Business Analysts. The global average annual salary of a Certified Business Analyst, according to PayScale, is around USD 83,500. Moreover, the national average salary is around INR 3,16,000 and may go as high as INR 15,00,000. 

It is important to note that certified business analysts earn nearly 11% higher than non-certified peers. This is why professionals are interested in certifications in this domain, that are offered by IIBA or International Institute of Business Analysis. 

One such certification that is popular among business analysts across the world is CCBA aka Certified of Capability in Business Analysis. You can also learn the basics of CCBA if you wish to upgrade your career in this domain. 

Going through the lines of this article will let you understand why it is important to earn the CCBA certification and the way you can learn its fundamentals.

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What is CCBA?

CCBA or Certification of Capability in Business Analysis is a professional certification issued by the International Institute of Business Analysis. This is meant mainly for business analysts at a mid-career who have experience of around two to three years (a total of 3750 hours) of business analysis in the industry in tasks approved by IIBA. 

The CCBA demonstrates your capability of working efficiently with stakeholders, in order to model business processes, associate and evaluate opportunities to deliver better business results. It validates your skills and knowledge that is applicable to real-life scenarios and enables you for career advancement.

A Business Analyst is referred to as an ‘agent of change’, responsible for introducing and managing changes in an organization in order to improve its efficiency, productivity, and ultimately the ROIs. They do so by bridging the gap between the business and IT staff by utilizing data analytics for defining business requirements, delivering data-driven recommendations, and preparing reports to be given to stakeholders and executives. 

Earning this certification demonstrates your capability of handling large or more complex projects. This certification gets you global recognition for your skills, knowledge, and experience as a business analyst. 

Benefits of earning a CCBA

This certification, apart from highlighting your skills and knowledge of business analysis, also ensures some other benefits. They are:

  • It serves as formal proof of your skills and knowledge in this domain
  • Opens up immense opportunities for you to enter into business analysis
  • Improves your capabilities of handling complex project responsibilities
  • The certification enables you to earn huge salaries, almost 11% higher than non-certified peers
  • Maintaining this certification requires you to consistently improve and upgrade your knowledge regarding the latest business analysis tools and techniques
  • The certifications issued by IIBA are among the most valued certifications around the world
  • It provides you with much better professional expertise and graph than non-certified professionals
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Benefits of having CCBA certified professionals in an organization

Not only professionals, but organizations also benefit from hiring CCBA certified business analysts in their team. Some of them are listed below.

  • Constructive implementation of business analysis skills in the surroundings of an organization
  • Certified business analysts enable organizations to achieve a competitive edge 
  • These professionals make the businesses so strong that they can get high-level projects

Eligibility criteria for CCBA

To earn this certification, you must fulfill the following criteria, as specified by IIBA:

  • You should complete a minimum of 3750 hours of work experience in business analysis in the last seven years
  • Within these minimum 3750 hours, at least 900 hours should be completed in each of two of the six BABOK Guide Knowledge areas 


At least 500 hours should be completed in each of four of the six BABOK Guide Knowledge areas

  • You have to complete at least 21 hours of Professional Development in the last four years
  • Must need to provide proper references
  • You should agree to the Code of Conduct
  • You should agree to the Terms and Conditions specified by IIBA
  • Obviously, you should pass the exam
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The BABOK Knowledge Guide areas contained in the CCBA curriculum and their weightage in the question paper are listed below.

  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring – 12%
  • Elicitation and Collaboration – 20%
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management – 18%
  • Strategy Analysis – 12%
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition – 32%
  • Solution Evaluation – 6%

Learn the basics of CCBA

If you wish to learn the fundamentals of CCBA, do the following.

  1. Read the instructions mentioned in the BABOK Guide carefully and know this certification exam well
  2. Know about all the requirements and fulfill them. Eligibility criteria for CCBA are mentioned above.
  3. The six knowledge areas are crucial to master. This is because you need to obtain a minimum pass score in all of these sections individually. 
  4. Take mock tests. These tests help you to evaluate your knowledge and give you time to focus on areas that you have not mastered yet. 
  5. Register yourself in an online training course from an accredited institute. This lets you forget the worries of passing the exam and prepares you in and out with all the topics.
  6. Take and pass the exam. 


After going through the introduction to the CCBA certification exam, the benefits it provides you and your organization, you would like to enter into the domain of Business Analysis. To learn the basics, you should enroll yourself in an online training course.

The real-life projects, mock tests, round-the-clock teaching assistance, expert-led courses make these courses an explicable move to take for earning a CCBA certification. 

Enroll Yourself Now!!

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